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    Editor's Thoughts for the Week

    In a boon for developers, Apple and GE are partnering to bring develpopers the opportunity to create industrial predictive data and analytics apps. This is truly bringing IoT development to the masses.

    Inmarsat has published a terrific free report about The Future of Iot in Enterprise - 2017. Download it here.

    Kony is offering a free report on Wearables and Connected Devices - The Next Frontier in Cross-Platform Mobile Development. Link to download.

    Perhaps what's not shocking is the news in the Guardian that WPA2 protocol has been broken by Belgium researchers.

    ARM is offering a free report charting global industry progress in the IoT over an extended period (2013 – 2016), the report surveyed more than 800 global company leaders across sectors from banking to health care and energy to infrastructure. Register to Download.

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